Many special needs show up in the first three years of life. Early Head Start programs partner with local early intervention (EI) programs to serve infants and toddlers with disabilities. EI services and simple changes in routines and environments may help some children significantly improve their skills and knowledge.

New Directions Early Head Start is committed to serving children with all types of disabilities including those with severe or significant disabilities. The program reserves a minimum of 10% of the funded enrollment spaces for children with disabilities.

New Directions Early Head Start values parents as an integral part of the education process and encourages parents to serve as advocates for their children’s education. Our staff assists parents in transitioning children into the program and provides on-going training on special education laws, parents’ rights and best practices.

We are working with community agencies such as Child Development Watch to provide services based on the needs of children and families.

For families of children with disabilities here are some useful websites: