Baby room horiz

NDEHS Philosophy

  • Our relationship with children and families is the primary focus for all that happens in our program.
  • Young children learn through daily routines.
  • Infants actively pursue their own curricula, thus activities should respond to the child’s interests, abilities, and needs.
  • Creating and maintaining a quality program is an ongoing journey.


We commit to serving families by:

  • respecting
  • empowering
  • listening to understand
  • building on strengths
  • valuing individuals and their different perspectives
  • advocating for infants and toddlers


  • encouraging open dialog
  • being flexible, adaptable, responsive and aware
  • supporting the professional growth and development of all team members
  • strengthening our core structure


  • conducting continuous community needs assessment
  • partnering and collaborating with communities and agencies
  • supporting systems change