Eligibility and Enrollment questions:

New Directions Early Head Start provides pregnant women, infants, toddlers and their families with quality care and family services that support families in providing the best for themselves and their very young children, in order to promote children’s success and families’ self-sufficiency, through community collaboration and partnerships.
  1. What are the eligibility criteria of a child for any New Directions Early Head Start program?

Eligibility of a child for any Early Head Start program is based on the following:

  • age of the child



  • categorical eligibility such as foster care status, homelessness or family enrollment in a public assistance program.
  1. What are the required documentation for enrollment?
For the age of child, one of the documents:
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Hospital card
  • Medicaid card
  • Passport / visa
For the income verification, one of the documents:
  • Individual income tax form
  • W-2 from all places of employment
  • A letter documenting receipt of Public Assistance, Child Support or SSI
  • Pay stubs
  • Bank statements – documenting the direct deposit
  • NDEHS – Zero Income Documentation completed by a family member providing support

Home-based program questions:

  1. Does home-visitor come to our house? Where do we meet?
Home visitors meet you for the home visits either your house or a public place such as library. For more information please consult with your home visitor.
  1. We live in the shelter temporarily. Does it mean that I can’t be in the program?
You can still apply to our programs. Please click here to fill the referral form, you will be contacted as soon as possible. For more information regarding your housing issues, please consult with your home visitor.

Center-based program questions:

  1. Where are your centers?
There are three centers located in Newark and Wilmington. You can find out the locations through the links below:

You can find the locations of NDEHS office and center-based programs in the link for NDEHS locations

  1.  Can New Directions Early Head Start centers manage special dietary requests of my child(ren)?

Documentation from the child’s physician must be given to the Child and Family Specialist detailing any allergies, and special medical conditions as soon as a diagnosis is made. A care plan must be developed outlining the procedures specified by the doctor for dealing with the allergies or medical condition.

     3.  Is transportation available for my child to and from the child care center? 

Unfortunately, NDEHS does not provide transportation to and from the centers.