Socilizations (home-based):

Early Head Start Program Strategies define socializations as the sessions in which children and parents enrolled in the home-based or combination program option interact with other home-based or combination children and parents in a Head Start classroom, community facility, home, or on a field trip.

Socializations for infants and toddlers are concerned with the relationship between very young children and their primary caregivers, as opposed to the relationships between infants and toddlers and their peers.

Socializations for infants and toddlers have a very distinct purpose: to support child development by strengthening the relationship between parent and child. This relationship will provide the foundation from which children will then be able to develop close, trusting, and respectful relationships with peers and other adults later in life.

Family Events:

Individual site, multi-site and program wide events are planned to offer participants an opportunity to celebrate successes, experience community activities and interact with other NDEHS families.  In the past families have been invited to museums, picnics, sporting events, health and safety fairs, etc.  The type and location of the events are selected based on the needs, interests and convenience of the families. For events, transportation may be provided.


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Here is the list of some of the socializations and family events that we have organized for our families:

Story reading family reading activities in New Castle Public Library  * We have a partnership with New Castle Libraries.

Brandywine Zoo trips

Evan G. Shortlidge Academy family events

Swim Lessons at YMCADelaware Museum of Natural History

Delaware Children’s Museum family nights

Family Picnics at Banning Regional Park and Glasgow Regional Park

Delaware Museum of Natural History

Rehoboth Beach Fundland trip

Killens Pond Water Park


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