childcareChoosing the right program for your child is one of the most important parenting decisions you will make.

Early learning is important for young children. Your child’s best teachers are skilled brain-builders. They work closely with families and provide a place your young child can learn that is safe, inspiring and fun. They develop a strong positive relationship with your child, interacting with the child during the day through learning and exploration activities and playtime. They read aloud, encourage children to cooperate with each other and talk with you often about your child’s growth and learning. As the latest science shows that, early experiences literally shape how the brain gets built. When babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers are given a strong foundation, the benefits are life-long.



Delaware Stars 

Delaware Stars promotes high-quality early learning for young children and sets the Stars quality rating that guides families seeking the best program for their child.
You can find quality early childhood programs by looking for Delaware Stars Programs. 
• Delaware Stars is a quick guide to early learning programs in the state.
• Each star reflects the hard work a program has done to teach and care for children.
• Programs can earn up to five stars. There are hundreds of Delaware Stars programs, so it is easy to pick a Stars program close to your home or work.
• And with Purchase of Care available for many families, no child needs to miss out on a Delaware Stars experience due to cost.
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Delaware Office of Early Learning: Great Starts Delaware

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 Zero To Three

Because the way children are treated by caregiving adults shapes their development in important ways, it is crucial to find a child care professional who both understands and nurtures children’s learning through the everyday moments they share.

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Transition to Preschool:

If your child is starting preschool this fall, you may be approaching this major milestone with conflicting emotions. You’re probably excited about all the fun (you hope) your child will have and the new friends he’ll make. At the same time, you may feel a little sad that your baby is venturing out into the big world without you. These emotions are normal. Your child is also bound to have a host of feelings about this transition, feeling proud to be a big kid but at the same time worried about being separated from you and starting something unfamiliar

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